Ynot (Young person’s Neighbourhood Operational Team) launched in Hyndburn in August 2008. Our initial aim was to involve as many local agencies as we could to provide a multi-agency body which could facilitate and co-ordinate services and activities to help the young people of Hyndburn. Our first task was to consult with as many people as possible about their views on current provision and as to what we could do to improve access to services for young people in the borough.

We became a registered charity in 2010 and, with 5 years funding in place from the Big Lottery, the team at Ynot Aspire has been successful in working on a variety of projects that provide positive activities and experiences for young people.

Young people are at the heart of our community. We work with lots of local organisations to engage young people and families and link them with other agencies and charities for support in their engagement, well-being, home and social life.

Examples of past joint working from the team at Ynot Aspire can be seen from our Case Studies and Testimonials – an overview of our successes includes:

  • Supporting Lancashire County Council with their Working Together with Families project.
  • Working with Hyndburn Borough Council to provide one to one support to local homeless youngsters through our volunteers.
  • Being funded through Lancashire County Council’s Targeted Youth Support funding to provide positive diversionary activities and engagement opportunities for young people.
  • Receiving ESF funding to put our volunteers and other members of the community through various training.

Our monitoring and evaluation methods allow us to evidence the impact that our charity is having on the area. We use a variety of methods to gather this information such as feedback and evaluation sheets, forums, videos and our Your Voice project.

From these monitoring and evaluations methods we’re able to show impact such as:

  • A 74% reduction in first-time entrants to the criminal justice system in the borough in the last 4 years
  • A 38% reduction in reported youth-related anti-social behaviour in the area over the last 12 months
  • That around 98% of young people involved in our projects report an increase in their self-confidence
  • That around 80% of those young people who are involved with us on a regular basis through our Your Space or Your Voice projects have gone on to further education, training or employment.

All of the work that we do is underpinned by our five project areas ensuring we deliver the best possible service to beneficiaries, partners, funders and donors.


“The Hollins Technology College has very strong links with Ynot Aspire, and we are very grateful for the excellent input we receive on a regular basis.

We have been fortunate enough to host a “Know Fear” prevention and early intervention day for several years, aimed at Year 10 students, through which they learn about how to keep themselves safe and think before making choices which could affect their safety.

The impact of this day has been huge. You could hear a pin drop in the plenary session and the message is so powerful that some students have been moved to tears. I cannot thank Sharon and her team enough for the high quality work they continue to do to support young people.”

Helen Dougan, Assistant Headteacher

“Hyndburn Neighbourhood Policing Team have worked closely with Ynot Aspire from the start.  The Springhill/ Scaitcliffe neighbourhood policing team have worked with Ynot Aspire on several successful projects including an area referral 5 years ago, following concerns from local residents about increased youth related anti-social behaviour.  We involved the young people from the area when planning our response,  They decided how they would like to move forward. This led to funding being obtained and multi-sports activities taking place every week, initially on a Friday evening.

A number of those young people have since gained their coaching qualifications and are now in paid employment. The activities are still in place weekly to this day and engage approximately 40 young people per session.

One of the most recent projects with the Springhill team is ‘No Way Out.’ This has been piloted initially at Hollins Technology College and has been well received by year 8 students who provided amazing positive feedback.

Working with Ynot Aspire has achieved huge results, proven by a reduction in anti-social behaviour. Our educational/prevention work has undoubtedly encouraged and supported young people to make the right choices and allowed them to consider options they may otherwise have been unaware of. We are in no doubt this partnership work will continue long into the future and the high level of results achieved thus far can continue.”

Hyndburn NPT, Springhill/ Scaitcliffe Policing Team.

I have given many an hour to volunteer work over the years, but these past 12 months I have given my time as a volunteer to Ynot Aspire.

To work alongside people who have the drive and passion to make a difference just as much as I do if not more is a privilege. I spent 20 years in prison so why not share that experience with the young generation of our society,

I love the workshops spilling my guts hour after hour hoping that only one person needs to listen to make a difference, I am often asked what is it that I talk about in the work shops and cells project, truth, honesty, and fact, is the answer every time.

To put into words what volunteering means to me is hard, explaining the satisfaction I gain and the confidence it gives me that we can make a difference is a  nice feeling.

But most of all it’s about those young people giving them an insight to the consequences to there actions and behaviour, I love being a volunteer and so grateful and proud that I am allowed to be around and part of a great team.

What can I say about two people Sharon & Paula who I believe are the driving force behind Ynot Aspire? From the very first time I met them I was made to feel part of a great team never judgmental, always very professional genuinely really nice people who just want to help others. I can’t speak highly enough of them.

Dave, Volunteer


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