The Hardest Marathon on Earth?

We’re excited to announce that Accrington business man Paul Breaks is going to run next year’s Marathon Des Sables to raise funds for us.
Paul will fly out to Morocco next April to compete in the Marathon Des Sables. It has been held every year since 1986. There have only been around 16,000 people competed it worldwide. Its approximately 254km/156 miles over 7 days:
Day 1 32km
Day 2 43km
Day 3 32km
Day 4 92km
Day 6 43km
Day 7 8km
There is a rest day after Day 4 but it takes you most of it apparently finishing Day 4.
You carry all your own kit and food with only water and a bivouac supplied to sleep under at night
Day time temperatures hit 120 degrees – but then it is the Sahara after all!

Paul, who is a Director of Breaks Wealth Management Ltd, said: “An Accy lad raising money for an Accrington Charity. But I’d like this to be the start. I will sponsor a runner every year, as to enter is not cheap, provided they pledge to raise money for Ynot Aspire. I hope that one day Accrington has had more people compete than any other place in the world”
“I can’t think of anything worth supporting more than Ynot Aspire. They need around £100k a year and while they have funding for a few more years, they need support. I am funding the trip myself so every penny raised will go to the charity”

Sharon Burch, Chief Officer at Ynot Aspire said “We are absolutely thrilled that Paul has chosen our charity to raise funds for. This is a huge event for him to undertake and we will be cheering him on all the way. This money will help us to reach even more young people. We can’t thank him enough”.

You can find out more about Paul and donate here

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