Ynot Talk About It

We’re holding a celebration and consultation event on Thursday 30th March 2017 to look back at the success we’ve had over the last 5 years and look forward to new projects and activities over the next 5 years.

Our final evaluation, which was done by Wider Impact has been sent to The Big Lottery and we received great praise from them for the outcomes we’ve achieved.  Wider Impact Director and report author Edwin Lewis says,

It has proved extremely rewarding to evaluate such an innovative and exciting Project, which has delivered what local young people both need and value. Impressive findings of note include:


o   In terms of SROI, there are positive indications that such is extremely impressive, and is likely to   run into many thousands of pounds, far exceeding current financial inputs. For example, potential saving to the public purse as a result of the Project are estimated to range from £328,000 in relation to young people prevented from entering the criminal justice system to over £10m in relation to the life time potentially negative costs savings of those [458] young people, who as a result of the Project have now seen their life chances drastically improve as they are steered away from being involved in anti-social behaviour.’

You can view the full report here

Young people and partners in the area have told us that mental health is a key priority moving forward so we will be looking at how we can help to provide a streamlined service as part of the event.  If you would like to find out further details, book a place or would like to have a stall for your organisation on the day, please contact info@ynotaspire.org.uk  


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