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Youth Homelessness

Over 31% of all homeless people are aged under 25 years old. The single most common reason for youth homelessness is a breakdown in their relationship with family members. Ynot Aspire work one to one with young people and our core objective is always to try and help repair their relationships and return them to their family home.

If needed, Ynot Aspire supports the local authority and social services with their statutory responsibility to provide accommodation to a young person.

How We Help

In the last 5 years we worked with over 160 young people facing homelessness.

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£5 Can help to provide the vital basics like a toiletries and some clean clothes

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£20 Can help to provide specialist support to help keep young people off the streets

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£50 Can help to support independence by providing essential life skills for young people and into secure accommodation

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£100 Can help to provide support, training and equipment to help them into work

Mental Health Support

We provide a range of projects and activities to support young people’s mental health and wellbeing, from drop-in sessions at school to more in depth one-to-one support with one of our staff or volunteers.  Now more than ever, young people need our support to overcome the issues that the pandemic has brought and help them to build their resilience and coping skills so they can look forward to a brighter future.

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£5 Can help to provide online support for young people

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£20 Can help us to train mental health ambassadors who offer peer support in schools

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£50 Can help fund one-to-one sessions with young people suffering with their mental health to help empower them

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£100 Can help to provide volunteer counsellors for those young people needing more therapeutic support.

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Thank you so much for your donation. Every penny goes to support young people in Hyndburn.  

A thank you from our young people

"The last few years have been really hard for me, more so this year because of the situation. Thanks to the help from Ynot Aspire, I am finding the tools I can use and the people I can turn to when things get tough. Thanks to your donation, Ynot Aspire will be able to continue their great work"
"I was sofa surfing and only had the clothes that I stood up in. I had no money and would often go hungry as I couldn’t afford food. As a result, it was hard to motivate myself to attend College – when you are hungry and haven’t got the smart clothes others have. Just what you are standing up in. It’s hard to sleep properly on a sofa. Thanks to support from Ynot Aspire, I now have a home to live in and money in my pocket. You can’t imagine how good that feels. Thanks to your donations, other young people will be able to receive the great support that I have from them"
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