What is youth homelessness?

Someone does not have to be living on the streets to be homeless.

If a young person does not have a safe home to live in, they can be classed as homeless or at risk of becoming so. Some young people can find themselves living in a dangerous or vulnerable environment. This may be due to someone in his or her house or because they are living somewhere which is not safe.

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Ynot Aspire often support young people who are:

  • ‘Sofa surfing’
  • Living with someone else on their street
  • Stopping temporarily with friends

Over 31% of all homeless people are aged under 25 years old. The single most common reason for youth homelessness is a breakdown in their relationship with family members. Ynot Aspire work one to one with young people and our core objective is always to try and help repair their relationships and return them to their family home.

If needed, Ynot Aspire supports the local authority and social services with their statutory responsibility to provide accommodation to a young person.

  • It costs Ynot Aspire on average of £540 to recruit and train a new volunteer.
  • Each volunteer gives back over £3000 of their own time to support our work with young people.
  • Last year, 24 young people were supported one to one by Ynot Aspire volunteers in Hyndburn.

How can I help?

If you would like to become a volunteer, click here to find our more.

One-off gifts

£5 will pay for a coffee and a chat with one of our volunteers

Young people often feel suspicious or scared of walking into a the council buildings or meeting staff in an official office, so Ynot Aspire will often speak to them on the phone and arrange to meet them in a place that they feel comfortable.

£10 can keep a young person talking to us

Our volunteers will keep meeting and helping a young person or their family for as long as it takes. We will always support them with meetings and assessments, pay for their transport and ensure our volunteers can meet them wherever and whenever they need them.

Regular Support

£2 a month can keep a young person off the streets and safe.

For every volunteer we train, another 3 young people will be kept safe and off the streets. A monthly donation of just £2 (less than cup of coffee) will support 1 young person for a whole year. This will cover all the volunteer training and support a young person needs to stay safe with the help of Ynot Aspire.

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