StrutSafe – StrutSafe is a registered charity founded in 2021 following the death of Sarah Everard, Volunteers are there to answer calls to people who feel unsafe while walking home. – The volunteers will stay on the phone till the person has entered the door.

Opening Hours: Fridays and Saturdays 7pm – 3am, Sundays 7pm – 1am. – Tel: 0333 335 0026 (free) –


Walk Safe – The app includes a map that shows crime figures taken from monthly reports, whether that be sexual assault, mugging, knife crime, and pickpocketing. WalkSafe allows you to avoid hotspots on your walk home, to ensure a little more peace of mind. If you come close to a location where a crime has been reported, the app will alert you, so you can avoid that area. The handy HomeSafe feature lets you set an estimated time of arrival when you set off and will send your location to an emergency contact if you don’t get home in time. You can also set a reminder for emergency contacts to check in with you at a specific time. What’s even better is the TapSafe feature, which allows you to check-in with your friends if you’re feeling unsafe. You can either tap ‘OK’ every 30 seconds or ‘nervous’ every 10 seconds before your loved ones are alerted and shown your location. –


Hollie Guard – As seen on BBC’s Crimewatch Roadshow, Hollie Guard Extra is a personal safety app that provides real-life alert notifications if you’re in danger. A generic alarm profile can be customised with a picture of your choice, and a second shake will produce a flashing light and a high-pitched beep. It also has a “stealth alert”, perfect for situations where you don’t want any attention to be raised! The Deterrent feature will ensure a flashing light and high-pitched beep on your phone, to make sure passers-by are fully aware of a dangerous situation. –


Red Panic Button – The Red Panic Button app has a widget that allows you to immediately inform your loved ones where you are so they can find you.

Though. This app is very simple, it’s incredibly effective for personal security, medical emergencies, and your loved ones’ security also.

This app is a true lifeline that will send an SMS and email containing your GPS coordinates and a Google maps link to your emergency contacts. –


One Scream – One Scream is an incredible app that can actually detect a scream even when it’s at the bottom of your bag. Once your scream is detected, a text message and an automated call with your location is then sent to your nominated contact. If you have an Android, the phone line will stay open so your chosen contact can hear, identify, and get help. The app is all about giving users the confidence to feel safe and secure when they’re walking to their destination. You can add up to 3 people to be notified when you need help, and you have 20 seconds to cancel the alarm if you need to. – Please note, One Scream can only detect panic screams, it can’t detect any other words. –


BSAFE – With this app, users can activate the SOS button by touch or voice, and your key contacts will get a sound alarm with your location. They’ll be able to see and hear everything in real-time, recorded with audio and video, and sent across. The live streaming feature is what makes this app a reliable one when walking home alone at night. You can also invite key contacts to join you on your journey via the app map, and this way, you know you’re being watched. Users can get a fake phone call to get out of unpleasant situations, and notify friends when they’ve checked in. –