Top tips for Anxiety

Starting a conversation around mental health

Starting a conversation can be difficult, especially if you’re worried that your child is having a hard time. It doesn’t matter what topic the conversation starts with – it’s about the opportunity it gives you both to talk about feelings and to provide comfort. Think about doing an activity together that will give you the opportunity to do something nice or fun and that will give you the time and space to talk.

There is more help and advice about talking to you child on the nhs website 

Here's some conversation ideas to start things off...




You’re the leading expert when it comes to your child. You can tell when they aren’t in the mood to talk, or when they aren’t responding to your attempts.

Reassure them that if they don’t want to talk now, they can talk to you at any time. You can also follow up conversations with encouragers:


If you are concerned about anything that has come up in a conversation, try your best to tell them how you see things, and be clear about any actions you are going to take. Try to provide comfort and reassurance.

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