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Mental Health Champions

We are dedicated to supporting young people who are experiencing mental health problems. Sometimes young people find it easier to talk to their peers first before approaching family or professionals. Therefore, we have taken the initiative to train pupils to become Mental Health Champions in local secondary schools to ensure that the mental health needs of young people are being met.

Bringing young people together to offer peer to peer support could be vital to the mental wellbeing of a young person. The earlier a problem is discussed, the earlier preventative support can be put in place. Our Mental Health Champions offer a wide range of support and work with their school’s Leadership Team to provide better mental health support in the school. Each school has a Talk Room, providing a safe and confidential space for young people to discuss their problems.

The unique aspect of peer support is that it can bring together people who have a shared experience, offer different perspectives and most importantly let others know they are not alone. We offer a range of peer support:

One to one mental health support

· Peer tutoring

· Peer listening

· Peer coaching

By offering young people the chance to talk to their peers, we believe that we can help young people to build the resilience and coping strategies necessary for their positive mental wellbeing.


Who’s involved?

Delivering our project is made possible thanks to the work of our focus group of young people, staff, volunteers, partners and The Hollins.

Want to get involved? Or know someone who will benefit from a little help? Give us a call on 01254 352 592, email us at or complete the registration form on the link below.