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Chief Officer
Her advice to her younger self? Reach for your dreams, not forgetting to have some fun along the way

As Chief Officer at Ynot Aspire, Sharon uses her background in youth support and housing to help young people thrive. Sharon is no stranger to Hyndburn, having previously worked for the Youth Offending Team as an Anti-Social Behaviour Officer. In this role, Sharon worked with local young people and agencies, before founding Ynot Aspire. Sharon started Ynot to make a difference to the lives of young people, and is living her own dream by achieving just that today.

Sharon has two grown-up children of her own and knows first-hand the difficulties of finding activities and courses that not only inspire young people now, but help them build the skills and embrace the qualities they need to go on to reach their goals.


Our Project Coordinator, Paula brings plenty of experience and passion to her role. After previously working at Lancashire Youth Offending Team in the learning and development department, Paula wanted to take her love for volunteering and working with young people to the next level. That’s when she found Ynot.

Paula now coordinates a lot of the projects Ynot run, from volunteer recruitment to delivering mental health awareness raising. She notes seeing how projects work and how young people interact with them for real as one of the greatest rewards of her role.



Project Coordinator
Her advice to her younger self? Always aim to achieve the best you can.


Wellbeing Coordinator
Her advice to her younger self? Life is isn’t always great, but it will always get better!!

Nikki is the new Wellbeing Coordinator at Ynot Aspire and is excited to start this new project.

Before being given the opportunity to take on this new role, Nikki gained some experience volunteering as a community connector for BPRCVS. Whilst Nikki was volunteering, she saw first-hand what a positive impact an individual can have on somebody’s welfare and can’t wait to have a positive impact on the young people in the local community.  

Nikki has two young boys that keep her busy, so she is used to running around and staying organised (without pulling her hair out). She also enjoys learning new things, keeping things fun and light hearted.



To my younger self, May you have the serenity to accept the things you cannot change The courage to change the things you can And the wisdom to tell the difference

Paul is now of an age where he doesn’t mention it’s his  birthday.

Running a business in Financial Services means always dealing with people.

While it can be perceived that means money it’s actually also dealing with their lives.

No matter who you are the issues are the same, just that the scale will be different.

“Love, security, self-respect, recognition, creative expression and new experiences – we all need and

being able to help with some or all of these is rewarding in itself”

Being an Accy lad Paul wanted to support a local charity and with some fund raising and being asked last year to be Chair was an honour albeit due to tragic circumstance

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Youth Worker
His advice to his younger self? Don’t be afraid and don’t give up, you have the potential, just like everyone else.


Kyle is one of the new youth workers at Ynot Aspire and is very excited to join the team and help young people achieve their potential. He started his journey by volunteering with Ynot Aspire, where he learned and developed new skills and trained to offer support to young people.

While volunteering, he was given great feedback which led him to apply for the role. Being offered the opportunity to take on this role, has made him more determined to provide early intervention to support young people.

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