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Mental Health Awareness Week

We would like to thank everyone who took part, donated and supported us through our 10K for 10 Years challenge. Our team completed their individual 10K walks over the week to raise awareness for Mental Health Week (10th-16th of May). The theme for this year’s event was nature and the positive impact being outdoors can have on our mental health. The past year has been a strain on many people’s mental health, with large parts of the year spent indoors, not being able to do the things and see the people we usually see.

More people have been utilising the green spaces, whether that be in the back garden or the local park, being outdoors has been a good way to help people cope with the pandemic. As study indicated that 45% of people had used walks outdoors as a coping strategy for positive mental health. However, 13% of UK households do not have access to a back garden. The goal of Mental Health Week was to inspire people to get outdoors, connect with nature and each other.

As the pandemic has progressed, we have also found new ways to communicate with others. Sharon completed the second half of her 10k challenge while face timing her cousin who lives in Stafford.


“Each week, I have a walk and talk date with my cousin Marie. She is in Stafford and I'm in Blackburn but we don't let the distance worry us. We don our headphones, call each other up, set off for a walk, and discuss our week. I love how, even though we haven't been able to get together in person, we've grown closer than ever over the past year through doing this.”


The benefits of walking and talking are fantastic for our mental health. Walking is great for your physical health, can improve your mood and help to reduce stress. Being able to talk to someone that you can share your problems with can enable you to build connections and reduce the feeling of isolation. Combining these activities with nature can help us to strengthen relationships and work towards positive mental health.

Our team enjoyed spending the week completing the 10K challenge, experiencing new places and seeing things that you usually would not (like a peacock sat on top of a chimney). Thanks to all of you who supported us throughout the week.

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